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Originally presented as part of the Blue Room Theatre's 2017 Development Season, So You Think You're Charlie Smith explores themes of identity, purpose and escapism to interrogate the nature of reality in an unreal world. 

The show follows three contestants on a reality TV program about innovation and leadership, as they navigate the highs and lows of the season. They are forced to contend not only with each other, but with the program's producer and host, who puppeteer them from the sidelines.

So You Think You're Charlie Smith represented yet another shift in focus and style for sandpaperplane - a highly visual show, incorporating elements of physical theatre, as well as real-time AV and projection.

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How do you keep in touch when you can't think of what to say?


Fairybread centres on a dinner party hosted by the eccentric yet charismatic Elliot, attended by his close-knit group of childhood friends. The evening is a celebration of their friendship and their chance to catch up for the final time before many of them move away to start their adult lives. However, Elliot has more unusual plans for how the night should pan out, and gradually the lines between his expectations and reality start to blur. Fairybread is an explorative piece of musical theatre, blending moments of surreal comedy with intimate drama.The show explores themes of young adults growing up, lives changing and people moving on, through the lens of dark comedy and a contemporary musical score.

This work was presented as part of Noodle Palace's program at FRINGEWORLD 2017 in Perth. Fairybread represented the company's first foray into musical theatre, and highlighted our continued drive to question how we create work, and how we can craft new experiences for our audiences. 

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Grief. Laughter. Beer. Spirits.


Sam and Freddie were best mates for life. Then Freddie died. Death hasn't slowed Freddie down at all, though - he's still a lazy bum that drinks all of Sam's beer. The only difference is that now he's a ghost.


Black comedy 34,000 Forks was originally presented as part of the Blue Room Theatre's Summer Nights program at Perth FRINGEWORLD Festival 2016. The show centers on the relationship between Sam and his best friend Freddie, who after being hit by a car comes back to hang out with Sam as a ghost. Their friendship is tested when Freddie's childhood crush Pippa moves into Freddie's old room, bringing along her new boyfriend, the kale-munching, wheatgrass-drinking hipster Mark. Freddie is convinced that his unrequited love for Pippa is the only thing keeping him tethered to the real world, and he hatches a plan to finally make his move.

34,000 Forks was the follow-up to sandpaperplane's first show, Wake and Bake, and brought the company to the attention of a much wider audience. It was nominated for Best Show at the 2016 FRINGEWORLD Festival.

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From left : Grace Chapple as Pippa, Kieran Clancy-Lowe as Mark, Thomas Owen as Sam and Ben Thomas as Freddie.

From left: Grace Chapple as Pippa, Kieran Clancy-Lowe as Mark, Thomas Owen as Sam and Ben Thomas as Freddie.


Three courses of denial, anger and absurdity, with dessert!


An awkward dinner in memory of their recently deceased father turns into an absurd mess for brothers James and Miles, their sister Ellie and her unusual boyfriend Harry. Each person struggles to cope with their feelings about the situation, themselves, and each other. 

Grief can be all-consuming, and all three siblings have a different perspective on how to deal with it. As they fight and falter, they highlight the dysfunction of their family and the flaws within themselves, and all for comedic effect! 

Wake and Bake was the first show developed for sandpaperplane. An experimental mess of ideas, absurdity and comedy, this work founded our strong desire to push for collaboration with artists who share our hunger for original stories. 

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